Gears of War 4 Spectator mode Impresses during Escalation Reveal

Last night we saw an incredible Spectator mode for Gears of War 4 revealed.

Some of the features of the mode are mesmerising and a real conscious effort has been put into the spectator mode, aswell as the game mode Escalation to help get Gears of War 4 into the spotlight for eSports.

The spectator mode helps improve the viewability of the game, with swift scene broadcasting from player to player, and highlighting the action at any moment for any player who is in particular trouble, or is taking hits from another player.

The status of all players is now viewable all the while for the two spectators, and they control the action by broadcasting straight to Twitch to allow spectators to follow their tournament.

Is Gears of War 4 likely to succeed in eSports?

We think so, for sure.

After yesterdays showing of Escalation and the games Spectator mode, which enhances the viewing experience for the thousands of viewers that Gears of War has already established prior to this showing, it really shows that Gears of War 4 is at the cutting edge of the eSports arena.

On top of this, many of the industries top commentators who broadcast various games say that Gears 4 spectator mode allows them complete control over the action and ability to highlight key moments from games that usually have a high amount of action all the while.

Considering that a lot of games on TV such as Amercian Sports, NFL and the games like Soccer, or Football to us in the UK have an easy overhead map of the action. eSports and especially Gears has the unique ability to zoom in, or follow specific players, and even an xray mode to see the action unfold from the perspective of one view point.

We saw so much action yesterday and one incredible moment was where we saw one player actually save the match and with it $25,000 and give his whole team another chance in another round by stopping a capture, and the guys broadcasting the action captured that moment perfectly thanks to the Spectator mode that Gears offered.

To see more of the action of yesterdays match on Escalation on Gears of War 4 see our post about the notes made from the action! Hopefully you find it a good way to understand what went down!

follow cam in spectator mode
The follow cam in action, helps see a bigger picture of the players situation
spectator mode
Status of all the players can be seen at the touch of a button
close up of the action in gears of war 4
Closeup of the action from the players perspective

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