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Man i just saw right now all of your vids. Where are the thousands and thousands and thousands of views and subscribers you rightly deserve?
Davide Guernieri
Without a doubt the best and most helpful vid I've seen Thanks!!!
Edward Rodriguez
This is by far the best video I've seen yet, this has enhanced my gameplay dramatically, thank you so much for your tips and tricks :)
Chantz Gruver
The way you describe patients and thinking and taking your time I do and it really works. You also added some great tips that i didn't think about and aren't in any other videos. This video was great and well explained
Joseph Silva
Everything about taking time to think about what you are going to do was very helpful. I haven't seen anything like that on any other video.
The Exterminator
This is exactly what I do for an MVP on my team. Thanks for putting it in a video!
Ioini Everson
With the 2 piece being so powerful in UE, that this strategy is probably one of the best.
Focus Tone
nice, never have though about it like that. really well done
One of the best tutorials on Youtube. Very analytical and refreshing. Keep them coming!
Raoul Black
post more guide please =(
Davide Guernieri
Play Smart at Gears Series
This series is dedicated to helping you become a better Gears player with new ways of thinking about the game and improving yourself as a Gears player.
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Map Strategies
Our Map strategies for Gears of War discusses some of the hardest to play maps and also covers some of the classics. This is a growing series, that many of you have found useful for improving your Gears online play.
Player Roles
What kind of player are you? Have you thought about the other roles that a team has when they play Gears of War? This series is about the individual player roles and how to improve your own game with these in mind.
Gamemode Tips
Discussing the worst and best things to do in each game mode, and how the differences between the game modes change how you play the game

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  • Twitter allows 30s video with music, so heres a  @x50_Spence  micro montage from 1 minute 30 seconds of gameplay!