Awesome 1v6 CLutch “Hamburglar v1”

This is from the One with Valor YouTube channel, a Gears of War player who posts some pretty awesome Gears content. Check it out sometime!

Also the original content comes from this link from the guy Hamburglar 


This clutch is pretty awesome and makes use of wallbouncing skills to take down a bunch of enemies quickly. Towards the end of the clip you can see how he avoids the melee from the sniper, which might have not gone so good another day, but this clutch is solid, especially at the beginning where he completely dominates each opponent.

If you have a clutch make sure you let us know, we will aim to put as many on this site for you to enjoy.

Check out the rest of the site, as we are posting lots of Gears content all the time! 😀


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