Gears of War Ultimate Edition Beta – The Stats in detail

Gears of war beta 3 UE

Were you one of the 786,415 Unique people that played the Gears of War Ultimate Edition Beta?

41.2 million kills in 8 days is 515,000 kills a day. That is impressive numbers and they are so large you cannot even visualise them! So lets lay it out a bit differently…

515,000 kills a day is the same as 21,458 per hour.
That is more than Seriously 1. x 2, every hour, for 8 days.

Interestingly the ratio of executions performed vs total kills is almost exactly the same between the two games:

1 execution per 6.9 kills in Gears of War Ultimate Edition Beta.
1 execution per 7.07 kills in Gears of War 3 Beta.

Similary the Chainsaw death ratio
3.99{f362ba258205f4e1cb8a532d311be4ed4d125da6c9b83b6ce61dbaa08cf8a25e} chance of chainsaw death in Gears of War UE Beta
2.48 chance of chainsaw death in Gears of War 3 Beta

Average match length for Gears of War UE Beta was 
63072000 = minutes of Gears UE Beta played makes the average time of each match in Gears of War UE 57 minutes long? How is that right?
– This could be time spent in beta and not just time “in matches” bit of a bad stat if you ask me.

Choice of Execution in Gears of War Ultimate Edition
Chainsaw 27.79{f362ba258205f4e1cb8a532d311be4ed4d125da6c9b83b6ce61dbaa08cf8a25e}
Curb Stomp 29.14{f362ba258205f4e1cb8a532d311be4ed4d125da6c9b83b6ce61dbaa08cf8a25e}
Other 43.06{f362ba258205f4e1cb8a532d311be4ed4d125da6c9b83b6ce61dbaa08cf8a25e}

gears ue beta

Lets put the total population of Gears of War Ultimate Edition into Context..
786,415 people.. that is 0.011{f362ba258205f4e1cb8a532d311be4ed4d125da6c9b83b6ce61dbaa08cf8a25e} of the world population was playing Gears of War Ultimate Edition Beta..

Or everyone in Malta + everyone in Iceland, all playing Gears of War.

Not bad, but considering where we were with the Gears of War 3 Beta, it is some way off.

gears of war 3 beta

So what are the contributing factors for this uptake in Gears of War 3 Beta vs Gears of War UE Beta?

Judgment let the franchise down that people arent inclined to play it anymore?

Or was it another reason?

Gears of War 3, at the time the beta was released was on a high.

Gears of War 2 had just been an eventual success after a few initial online problems.. but recovered well and won a lot of awards


Gears of War 2 won several awards following its presentation at E3 2008. IGN gave it the awards Overall Best Shooting Game and Overall Best Graphics Technology of E3 2008.Game Critics Awards gave the game Best Action Game of E3 2008.Gears of War 2 also won Best Shooter and Best Xbox 360 Game at the 2008 Spike Video Game Awards

So the franchise is in a great position at this point in time. Everyone see’s Gears of War as a very good game and franchise at the time the Gears of War 3 beta came out.

Below shows the search terms for the Gears of War series.
You can clearly see a massive amount of searching happened with each release of the new games.


Then you can see Judgment, that tiny little spike near the end, which is tiny in contrast to the search interest it caused in each respective title previously.

Right at the end you can see the data for June, currently it is only partial data, but this Gears of War 4 release is starting to cause some waves of interest again.

Hopefully we will see this game climb up the search trends charts to the highs of what is was previously.

It is fair to say, that the franchise has lacked any decent peaks of interest since just after the Gears of War 2 release.

Interest in the game has reached a really low point as fans have waited too long for the new game to be released.  

Beta was on Xbox One. Not everyone owns an Xbox One (yet)

We are currently in a transitional period for gamers going from Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. With this transition, most people are still on the Xbox 360 as it appears according to the search trends below..


People will not be able to play the Beta if the game is not released on the console they own!

During the Beta for Gears of War 3, everyone had the correct console to play on. There was no other option!

The Surprise Nature of the Beta being Released “right now”.

This was a really well hidden secret that not anybody knew was coming! It was met by elation by all the hardcore Gears of War fans who enjoy talking everyday on the forums.

However, it was kind of a hard one to swallow for those Gears fans who arent the lucky owners of an Xbox One yet.

The Dilution of Game Announcements at e3

The games that were announced at e3 was a long list. A lot of studios decided to make e3 their big day for telling a lot of news about what they decided to do.

We have discussed the real winners of e3, and how they made their announcement a week or so before e3 even happened.

The “two code” requirement and large file size.
It took two codes in order to start the download for Gears of War beta UE. This two step process might have put some people off.

There was also the problem of the 7gb download that was required in order to play the Beta.
In a time where 60fps 1080p is now the requirement, this means larger file sizes, which means an increased internet speed requirement.

I do not remember what the Gears of War 3 beta file size was, but unless you have SuperFast internet now, the speeds have not increased significantly here in the UK since Gears of War 3 beta came about.


Is there any other reasons we might have missed? Let us know.
Which was your favourite Beta?


  1. I really think the whole console thing was on point, I missed the beta, for lack of an xbox one. I ended up buying the ultimate edition bundle but too late of course. And like the guy in the comments said,the beta lasted much longer for gears 3. I don’t think judgement was a disappointment, it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, but I rather enjoyed its story line. That’s the appeal of gears, the story line and of course multiplayer, this game just invokes an adrenaline rush for me. I think regardless of its reviews, the entire franchise has done pretty damn well.


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