Friday, December 15, 2017
We had a chance to ask Adam Fletcher (PezRadar) some questions about Gears of War 4 that fans wanted to know! We asked in a tweet to post your questions and lots were answered. Some big relevations below, and some discussion about other small points in the game that...
Recently we spoke with arguably best shotgun player in Gears, Crushmo. As he also recently signed on with Team Kaliber, it's the perfect time to hear from him before we head into MLG Columbus. After seeing Crushmo at PAX East 2016, his squad rallied at the Gears of War...
In the first post of this series, we talk with DOMINATOR xMYQx about his setup he has, which is ever growing as we build up to the Gears of War 4 release date
I had the chance recently to sit down and talk Gears with Australian ESL Player RAAMTRAM. After going over some questions together and talking about Gears in general, we got down to the basics. You can view our interview below. Name: Jake Richardson Age: 22 Location: Melbourne, Australia Current Gamertag: RAAMTRAM Team Name: Neet...
I am here with an interview with former MLG Pro and WCG National Finalist for Gears of War, but now, he is the eSports Gears Analyst. I have seen all his scrims with JusTus Raw Talent, and all of his archive streams and YouTube videos, his Gears of War 2 placements are outstanding with him being in the 2009 MLG Pro Circuit, 7th place in Orlando Nationals, 10th place in Anaheim, 5th place in Dallas, 3rd place in Columbus, and 9th place in Meadowlands.
As we roll into yet another Wednesday, let us not forget that today is the day in which we reflect on a single girl that not only takes names in Gears of War, but makes up the amazing community that keeps Gears of War what it is! Name: Kirstie Gamertag: I LilMinx...
So we are starting yet another series to bring in a variety of readers within the community. Our new series will be titled, Teams on the Rise. We will be searching out teams and organizations that are emerging into the scene and making a name for themselves. We will be...
IT'S WEDNESDAY!!! Another Girls of War article heading your way! Take a read at what Lexi had to say about Gears. Name: Lexi Gamertag: Arise Optimus  Location: Chicago, IL                                               ...
This post is the written version of the highlights of the video above. You also would like to see Tao Devils post, discussing a really awesome idea for customisation in Gears of War 4, and hopefully you will love the idea and get behind the idea to help it become...
As we head into our fourth week of Girls of War, we have a special treat for everyone! This weeks Girl of War is somebody that has been involved in Gears far more than most of us can ever say. She's been playing since the first installment and had...

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