Friday, December 15, 2017
I have been messing around with the upload studio and it has been great because it enables me to create some videos pretty quickly for Gears, and bring some tutorial videos to you guys if I pick up some good gameplay clips, so expect a few more videos from GoWPortal YouTube in the coming weeks.
Gears of War UE title
It's really fantastic to read some awesome reviews from people that are enjoying Gears of War that have never played the game before. This review of Gears of War in particular describes the games appeal to the section of Gamers that have never decided for whatever reason to play Gears...
gears of war pc
It has been an opinion shared by many in the gaming industry that a PC keyboard and mouse, is a much more efficient and effective controller than a gaming controller. The precision that is possible on a keyboard and mouse is staggering.. Take a look at this guy playing Halo on...
War Machine appears to be winning the next map poll! You can see on the forums how everyone is replying with "War Machine" in massive majority. We have not counted the actual number of War Machine votes, but its looking like a 70 to 80% majority! The votes from twitter also...
gears of war ue pc
For those of you who are not aware of this, there is a Windows 10 and Xbox Gaming Press Event taking part in San Francisco at February 25. It will contain a huge variety of important information and news about many games which will or coming to Windows 10 and Xbox....
Gears of War Ultimate edition achievements look set to be the same as the original Gears of War 1. Although only one image has been released showing the achievement progress, it shows us that the achievement "Zen and the art of reloading" Which is worth 10 gamerscore and you get...
benjamin carmine
This post is a simple list of level progression characters that are unlock-able in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition For a more comprehensive look at the unlock able characters in Gears of War Ultimate Edition see this page here... Or do you want to see all the unlockables in the game? Level...
Gears of War Ultimate Edition will have a separate release date for PC. This has been confirmed by Jack Felling of The Coalition. There is still no idea of when it will be, but the likelihood will be a few days or weeks after.   It will be interesting how the Gears of...
With release day of Gears of War:Ultimate Edition only two months away, the pre-order incentives are starting to appear online. The first one we saw was Civilian Anya along with an Imulsion weapon skin. According to the Gears of War Website this is available to anyone who pre-orders or purchases the...
Heading into the match ups on Thursday night, there is mathematically only one spot left that is up for grabs in the finals. Both DreamTeam and E6 are working hard to earn that spot in the final four, but will they be able to hold off other teams that...

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