Saturday, December 16, 2017
As we head into our fourth week of Girls of War, we have a special treat for everyone! This weeks Girl of War is somebody that has been involved in Gears far more than most of us can ever say. She's been playing since the first installment and had...
So we are starting yet another series to bring in a variety of readers within the community. Our new series will be titled, Teams on the Rise. We will be searching out teams and organizations that are emerging into the scene and making a name for themselves. We will be...
We are headed back to Florida in this week's Girls of War Feature!! We spoke with iLLestChiKK and got her thoughts on what Gears of War means to her as a Girl Gamer. You can read through her answers below. Name: Tabatha Gamertag: iLLestChiKK Location: Florida Q: How long have you been playing Gears...
This week we are traveling over the Atlantic and heading to England for our next Girls of War installment! We found a girl who has decided she is Carmine's Chick and no man is going to stand between their love. While she loves Gears of War to her very...
For this week's Pub Star Saturday, we hunted the top of the leaderboards to bring you a player that sits amongst the top 20 players in Execution. Taking the definition of Pub Star to a whole new level, here's Joel with more: Name: Joel Motino Age: 29 Location: Bronx, NY USA Current Gamertag: bxFLYBOYpepz Q: When did...
With a huge response to this new Girls of War segment, we have weeks of interviews already wrapped up! I can't wait to share what these badass chicks have to say about Gears of War! To start off our series, we spoke with recreational gamer, and signed model, Rebecca. Here's...
This is going to be a new weekly post that I'll be putting up on Saturdays. It will cover a large variety of gamers that are not in the pro circuit but deserve the recognition. We'll be kick off Week 1 of Pub Star Saturday with a gamer known...
I had the chance recently to sit down and talk Gears with Australian ESL Player RAAMTRAM. After going over some questions together and talking about Gears in general, we got down to the basics. You can view our interview below. Name: Jake Richardson Age: 22 Location: Melbourne, Australia Current Gamertag: RAAMTRAM Team Name: Neet...
avenge fatal montage
We are going to cover some of the top Gears of War montage edits in the community to highlight them to people and show off Gears in its highest quality. By doing this we can create more interest in the game and ultimately grow the community! If you want to...
The Gears of War Pro League Season 2 Finals took place this past Saturday at PAX East Boston. It was an absolute mad house if you had been there in person. It was also one of the best experiences you could ever have as a Gears of War fan....

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