Friday, December 15, 2017
My first LAN Gears eSports event was awesome, and that's not me just saying it! We had a long awaited big meetup between GoWPortal folks, Jay a.k.a ProGear360, and Barnes a.k.a @BeardedGamerYoh, and Call Me CEO, Ben who I owe big thanks to for keeping me motivated in the community,...
best gears players
This is a awesome feature we added today, and we hope you like it! It allows anyone to join the site, and fill in what they believe their own ability to be for various different attributes that make up a Gears of War player. So now all those abstract ideas about...
Hey there Gears Fam and welcome to my first ever blog and today I’m going to be talking about something I have always been interested and intrigued in, Clan battles. Many of my fellow Gears fans will already have a wealth of knowledge about clans and the fun and grind...
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A top quality montage here from some top quality players. The edit on this video is incredible and really well polished. These guys deserve a shoutout for their dedication to the game and taking the sniper skills to the limit. Be sure to follow these guys on your YouTube accounts...
With the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Beta getting off to a shaky start, with Xbox Live outages and duplicate codes problems, players were getting a bit fidgety about not getting all the exclusive weapon skins unlocked in the retail version. To clarify, originally you had to play on...
Another awesome video from II GPMG II showing what it takes to be a top player in Gears of War. His use of the sniper is something most of us can only dream of. Hitting triple blindies in this video from the start and having enough of them on one...
This post is the written version of the highlights of the video above. You also would like to see Tao Devils post, discussing a really awesome idea for customisation in Gears of War 4, and hopefully you will love the idea and get behind the idea to help it become...

Casual vs Competitive

  Since the beginning of the competitive scene there has been a battle between casual and competitive gaming within the Gears of War community. Both sides feel that they are receiving lack-luster efforts in helping their respective sides grow and would voice their opinions through the Gears of War forums...
The Razored Edge

TheRazoredEdge Interview

Good day to you. Hope you are having a good day and we have caught you at a good time in order to answer some questions about your continued contribution to the Gears of War community. Your first upload was way back on Dec 14th, 2010 and you have also...
It is currently day 2 in the GoW:UE Beta and The Coalition would like to know what map we, the testers would like to play on Day 3. Three options remain: WAR MACHINE The days of running down the spawn stairs and and flooding the Longshot sandbags are back and with a more...

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