Next Gears of War Project is NOT Going to be on Xbox 360!

gears xbox 360 console view

Today we found out that Gears of War 4 will not be out on Xbox 360.

This confirms what many of us believed and that Microsoft are trying to develop the game to make use of the latest technology such as Direct X 12 and other hardware that is only possible on Xbox One and PC.

The fact that Microsoft are looking at cross platform technology with Windows 10 set to be multi device, across all of your screens means that Gears of War may also follow suit.

A while ago now, we saw a job posting that went into details about the kind of work involved and being able to tell a story across multiple platforms to the different types of audiences and their attention span that that vary on each device.

The fact that we can rule out Xbox 360 is not a big suprise, but confirmation non the less that the next Gears of War game is going to be far superior in terms of the technology that is required to play it.

Ruling out Xbox 360 for the big AAA release also means that come release date, every single Gears of War fan is going to want to be buying an Xbox One console and making that shift. Which is great news or a great strategy from Microsoft.

It will be a console purchase + a game purchase for most of the existing fanbase.

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