About the GoWPortal Team

Our Team, known as “Team GoWPortal” are ambassadors for the Gears of War community. We help spread good spirit and sportsmanship among the Gears of War community to ensure that new players to the game are treated with kindness and respect. Our team encourages an all inclusive non elite focus that means that anyone can join and help spread our message to other Gears of War players in the community. Team GoWPortal members are instantly recognisable in the community across the world.

We have players who have been playing the game since 2007 and others who have only picked up the latest installment of the game, but being a tight community we all feel part of something much bigger as Gears of War is a huge part of our lifestyle and how we lead our lives.

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Member benefits

  • access to our downloads section of the website, with graphics to show off your membership to the GoWPortal Team.
  • access to best services for premium graphics, if you want to know how the best guys get the best graphics, then look no further.
  • access to member only content on the site. We have exclusive content thats only available for members.
  • Be part of and represent a growing online and offline community.

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