Xbox One Elite Controller Teaser Images

Xbox One Elite Controller

From the images it is clear that the industrial design of the controllers that Microsoft are producing is cutting edge and some of the finest design and production of products I have seen.

I believe they really understand gamers, and the design of the Xbox elite appeals not just to hardcore gamers, but instead of a broad scale to those with a taste for something a bit different from the norm.

Its a sensible yet modern controller design that sets Microsoft apart from other consoles. The Playstation 4 controller for example, although it has somewhat significantly changed its shape from previous versions has remained much the same, and its always been for me at least an uncomfortable controller to hold for long periods of time. Design wise it doesn’t really look like a controller for a gamer, and more like a steering wheel for a Formula One racing driver.

What do you think of the new design for the Xbox One controller?

Do you know how much it will cost? I think you might be surprised when you find out…
Let me guess.. Your wallet is saying no, but your heart is saying yes!!

If this is the elite controller, will we see an elite console including this controller in the near future?

xbox one elite controller buttons




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