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Would PC Gears players destroy Console Gears players on Gears of War?

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It has been an opinion shared by many in the gaming industry that a PC keyboard and mouse, is a much more efficient and effective controller than a gaming controller.

The precision that is possible on a keyboard and mouse is staggering..

Take a look at this guy playing Halo on an Xbox..
and getting some awesome headshots, that are just not anywhere near as precise when using a thumbstick.

The guy is using a product called the Xim, which can be bought here.. but the problem is the price.

But can you imagine hooking up to play Gears of War using this thing? You could be ridiculously accurate, not just with the sniper, but with the Gnasher too!

Think of the trashy messages you will receive from Xbox Live! ha.
But it would take a while to adjust, as a lot of the skill and accuracy learned is thumbstick based and control pad based.

On a side note: We all know that Gears players typically play on the highest sensitivity setting possible, as this allows quicker control over your player in those tricky situations that require a lot of fast movement.. but lets assume that you bought this product and hooked up your gaming mouse and keyboard and started playing…

You might find you are more accurate with the gaming mouse on a much lower game sensitivity.. and the lowest sensitivity could be the real winner if you tried this out!

Check out this gameplay from Quake using a mouse on a lower sensitivity.. a nice work out right!

Apparently when they put pro Gears of War players against random PC gamers, the PC guys came out on top in almost all the tests they did..

According to Sood’s sources, “many many months ago,” Microsoft set out on a Xbox Live project that would let PC and console users interact on some form of united multiplayer platform – a grand idea on paper. In practice however, it’s said that PC gamers “destroyed” console players every time.

The slaughter was so bad, Sood says that Microsoft even pitted “mediocre” PC gamers against “the best” console gamers in testing, and the results were unchanged: the keyboard and mouse prevailed. It’s not clear what titles were played, but Unreal and Gears of War are mentioned.

Displeased with its findings, Microsoft supposedly cancelled the project to spare its Xbox team and players the embarrassment. I think most of us can agree a keyboard and mouse is more precise, but what do you prefer and why?  – Techspot.com


Based on this, I think when Gears of War is released on PC, they will not be mixing the Console and PC gamers in the same lobby, simply because of the keyboard and mouse being much more efficient as a tool to gain a massive advantage over the enemy.

I have a feeling that Gnasher battles on PC, will be drawn out over a much shorter period of time, generally speaking. An emphasis on hard aiming, and matches where the distance between you and your enemy are the emphasis and weapon selection aswell as tempo is much more important.

I can actually imagine slower matches too, where strategy is more important than wallbouncing.. all of this makes me really excited for Gears UE on PC when it is released.

It would be great to see some montages or just some gameplay from someone playing on PC using a keyboard and mouse on Gears of War UE.. until then, we will have to look at Gears of War 1 PC clips…

Do you think the we are at a big disadvantage playing Gears on our consoles over a PC?

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