Time to Get an Xbox One to Play Gears of War Ultimate Edition!

best time to get xbox one

A lot of us are going to be thinking, I need to get an Xbox One in time for August 25th, when the release of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition comes!

If you are thinking about getting an Xbox One, it is definitely worth buying from a reputable retailer, as it is very easy to get your money back if there are any problems.

An online retailer is also a good shout, because you dont have to leave your home obviously, but also sellers and companies online can usually get the best deals (they do not have to pay rent for the warehouse or retail outlet they have, or staff they may hire) This means, that Amazon is a great option, and has been a great option for me over the past few years.

I purchased my Xbox One through Amazon and have not had any issues since. A friend of mine bought theirs in a local retail store, and the console had problems where it would make a horrendous noise and freeze. It sounded like it had been dropped. Im sure he was just unlucky and some of you will still choose to use a local retail store, but the convenience and guarantees of a place like Amazon always look after the buyer, and your money is completely safe no matter what basically!

One of the best things ive found having an Xbox One is the recording functionality. I never thought it would be so easy to record something. You simply say “Xbox record that” and it auto saves the last 3 minutes, or 45 seconds of gameplay. For Gears of War, this is going to be awesome. If you are in game chat, im expecting to be hearing “Xbox record that” fairly often when the new game comes out in August.

The interface for messaging friends and joining parties is a bit disapointing at the moment, but changes are coming and it should be more streamlined soon. A great thing about the Xbox One is its ability to adapt and change, and make use of cloud computing which effectively adds processing power to your console without requiring a hardware change. Impressive right!

So if you are about to go for it, i say do it!
If you are from the UK, this link holds the current best deal from Amazon, where you buy the console standalone. Dont forget the two games you need to add in: Gears Ultimate edition and Gears 4 too 😉 I believe both are available for preorder now!

uk flagBuy Xbox One from Amazon.co.uk

usa flag tinyBuy an Xbox One from Amazon.com


Not quite ready to buy? What is stopping you!
Read about Gears of War Ultimate edition here, and tell me you wont do everything you can to make sure you have an Xbox One in time for release! 🙂


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