Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Beta – Day 3 Map Vote


It is currently day 2 in the GoW:UE Beta and The Coalition would like to know what map we, the testers would like to play on Day 3.

Three options remain:


This aint platform 9 & 3/4

The days of running down the spawn stairs and and flooding the Longshot sandbags are back and with a more refined and polished image. Originally a train station it has now become a battleground. A great map with a lot of width and places to flank. Don’t forget the Troika if you are feeling lucky. We all have our own memories of this map, but will they make you vote for War Machine?


Courtyard as envisioned by The Coalition

Another great map, originally appearing on Gears of War PC, it was brought to the Xbox 360 in Gears of War 2 as part of the Snowblind map pack.
An upper level with a Longshot looks down over an open area. Great for long range play with some tight areas for close encounters. One of the largest maps in the game, possibly well suited to Team Deathmatch, but time will tell.


I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t hangin’ with no broke… COG

As with Courtyard, Gold Rush was originally released in Gears of War PC, only to be revived with the Combustible map pack for Gears of War 2.
Set on an Imulsion drilling platform style refinery. Two levels with plenty of opportunity for close quarters fighting all around. With access to the top level from the stairways only, gain control of the top level and you will prevail.


The Coalition would like to know your choice. Either visit Gears of War’s webpage and have your say.
Or visit the Gears of War Twitter handle and use the hashtag #GearsBeta to pick a map.


So unlike the rather one sided general election held here in the UK, every vote makes a difference.


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