My thoughts on Online Gambling vs Real Life Gambling

online casinos vs offline casinos

I recently tried a bit of gambling offline and online. Having never been to a real life casino before, and never being much of a gambler prior to this.. when my friend suggested going to Aspers Westfield in Stratford City for the day I thought, ah well why not. What have I got to lose? It might be fun.

Its funny how when you are not much of a casino kind of person, the only association you have with casinos is often one that is not exactly a positive outlook. I always thought that casinos were run down places where desperate people go to strike lucky. Spending welfare or any spare change they have. However when i arrived at the actual venue, i was struck and suprised to see so many people actually enjoying themselves and talking about whats going on to one another.

Sure there were people who were on there own, that maybe they are part of the furniture in the casino, but this place was awesome on first visit and took away the subjective view I had about casinos in real life.

I went to the roulette tables, and actually made a bit of profit in the first hour because i placed a lucky bet on just 4 numbers on the roulette and it came up on the spin.

Now how much fun was I having here? at this point. Quite a lot, but in reality I knew that my luck wouldnt last long.

The black jack tables were not really something i picked up quickly, and baring one game out of probably about 10, i just lacked the enthusiasm to want to learn much faster than what was required to be able to make it fun in terms of money back. Ive never really played Black Jack much before, so it was new to me. But i could see how people enjoy it a lot.

After this we went around the slots, and probably spent another hour here, and probably about 3 hours total. But i was done. It was a fun day out, but I had pretty much got everything I wanted from the experience out of it.

My kind of game is poker usually, texas hold ’em and I play a lot of this online. The online world to me is a lot easier to play casino games in, i lvoe texas hold ’em because of the competitive edge that is required to beat your opponents. The level of skill between players is different, and so are the decisions they make.

There is only very slight variations of chance that you are playing on, and it is where gambling and human interaction intersect in my opinion.

I do enjoy also placing bets on football matches here in the UK, and the national horse race. But this is all online and Id never go into the bookies generally speaking. Its easier to get paid online and you dont have to deal with the customer service clerks so much, which is a little irritating at times, especially when they give you eyeballs when placing a bet, or just placing a low bet that will pay out barely anything, but you just do it for fun.

I enjoy online casinos where you can play the casino games in peace and in your own time. I do like the social aspect of the offline casino, but the online world kind of has the social side too, but in a more anonymous way.. one that means that conversations are minimal, but can expand with individuals if something freaky happens or if you encounter someone that just wants to chat that can work too.

Back to online casinos and i found a couple of sites that ive enjoyed playing on recently. I have tried loads, and i do generally try and get away from the mainstream sites you might see advertise on Sky Sports at key times, and im more interested in the niche startup sites, or well established long running sites.

These kind of sites exist because they have a strong and well established user base, and the reason they have this is because the games they offer and the experience they offer is really good.. and they can survive without the vast advertising budgets of the betting companies we see every day.

My favourite casino site is currently and the bonuses you get from this site are pretty good, once you become a bit of an active player you start to work out why people continue to come back to the site.

When you first see the site, you kind of dont see the big deal and why its so popular, but after playing for a while, you find the games that you enjoy the most and the ones that you think suck. But everyone has the different opinion which means that most of the games are equal in terms of their popularity.

I have also tried the video poker, which is really fun and you can play against people from all over the world, who arent just necessarily great players but ones that are difficult to read because of the bad decisions they sometimes make when playing this game.

Its easy to see how much I prefer playing Online poker, and i havnt yet tried the offline poker in a proper casino as of yet, but i think I will definetely give it another go.

In terms of other games such as Black jack and Roulette.. i think the experience of playing in the real world is good, but its just difficult to find an environment and travel and everything that gets in between being at that place in order to play. Its defientely more convienient to just play online, and tell your friends about your account for them to add and play against at home.

Having given Xbox One game ‘pure hold em a little go, it is fun, but i just dont think console games will ever be nearly as good as these online casinos because they just dont offer real money play. Its fun playing with pretend money, for a little while.. but it just doesnt mean as much and people dont take it seriously. People are less willing to spend money online and you dont tend to see many people going “all in” all the time, and this is great for tournament situations.


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