[Discussion] What are your gaming plans until Gears of War 4 comes out?


Tell us about your plans!

Use the below as a guide to giving a good answer.

Are you going to playing Gears of War UE until release date?

After playing Gears 4 beta, we feel that we have been spoilt a lot with some smooth gameplay and movement from the characters, and a Gnasher that felt really tight and responsive. Now we are going back to Gears of War UE, how does it feel for you in comparison?

Are you struggling now with the movement on Gears UE and getting stuck on walls?

How does the Gnasher feel now and was do you feel there is a significant difference?

Not going to play much Gears? What other games are you playing?

It would be good to know what other guys in our community are playing and find some like minded people to play with on other games.

What other games are coming that you plan on getting prior to the release of Gears 4?

Or… what about those who didnt like Gears 4? 

Why didnt you like it? and are you going to preorder it anyway and give it a go?

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  1. I have to work on some old Gears 1-3 cheevos as well as finish Judgement on Insane personally. It will be a process but if I put them off any longer, forget about them getting done when Gears 4 comes out!

    • Yes am tempted to finish gears 3 but it’s soo hard to do all those games played..
      Maybe we can find some guys who will leave their console on and get it all done together 😉


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