Opinion: Gears of War Ultimate Edition represents Gears perfectly, and here is why.

gears of war ultimate edition beta announcement

I just thought id add my opinion to the forum, as it feels that there is a lot of hate out there on the forums, which isnt fair and a balanced opinion of what everyone thinks of the game.

This is like playing Gears of War 1, with no lag. A few features have been added, which makes it better and they have done a great job in not spoiling what the game is and represents.

Let me throw in a metaphor that helps explain my position:

In a sport, or game such as Soccer/Football, you have a pitch of a slightly variable size, goals of a fixed height and width. A football with a fixed size and weight etc. Markings on the pitch. Rules regarding what happens if the ball goes out of play or if specific incidents happen. freekicks, penalties and throwins for example.

In Gears of War 1, the game if it were a sport would have boundaries, rules and incidents that happen much like a sport.
Now if Soccer was relaunched as a new “Game” or “Sport”, and they changed the rules, and suddenly there were 2 footballs on the pitch, 3 goals and no freekicks, and being effective meant that instead of a team game, it was all about dribbling the ball as an individual into one of the goals. Less focus on team play. Then it might upset a few people right? I i wouldnt call this “soccer”

Gears of War 3, and Gears of War Judgment, were not what i would call “Gears of War”. These games are more gnasher focused and there is too much focus on technical skill, such as wallbouncing and extremely quick gameplay. Which is not what Gears of War is about. Judgment lost its focus on teamwork altogether in my opinion.

In Gears of War 1, it is extremely hard to be effective at close range consistently. We have been used to rushing in on Gears 3, and Gears Judgment. These two games praised this aggressive behavior, and the extra weapons, sawed off and retro were designed to effectively remove this play style from the game.

In any case, how you play on the pitch, is down to trial and error, and it will take some readjusting to get back to how your gamestyle for the given rules and environment that you play on in order to be effective.

In Gears of War UE. It is everything that represents Gears 1 and i couldnt be happier.

Unfortunately this game has had somewhat of a identity crisis over the last 2 titles, which means that there are different versions of what people think “Gears of War” is.
This means that not everyone is going to be happy!


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