How long does it take to get “good” at Gears of War?


This is a question that has always been in the back of my mind, and a question that I feel is important when we discuss Gears of War and its overall learning curve.

How long does it take to get “good” at Gears of War?

In terms of pick up and play online in multiplayer, this game is extremely difficult to get going and have success online, and I feel that this is the number 1 reason why the game is not as popular online as other games that are much easier to just get right into, such as Call of Duty, Battlefield etc, where anyone can kill anyone and re-spawns and death are part and parcel of the game-play, but each death is not met with a reason for death other than a “wrong place wrong time” kind of attitude, pick up and try again.

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Whereas in Gears of War, when you die its like a heart attack of emotion and feeling mixed with outrage that someone could have got the better of you in that situation. Where each situation you feel you can do something that will ultimately save your life and bring the end to your opponent. But the constant clash with reality that strikes as you realise you are not correct in your thoughts really brings you back down to earth hard. But over the long term, perseverance pays off and the feeling you get when all the pieces fit together is undoubtedly in my mind the reason for the addictive nature of this game, much like a drug that you keep wanting to dip into and can almost never get enough of. Striving to learn more and understand the game better.

the gears of war learning curve filter
Only the most determined may pass through the Gears filter to become a Gears master


This in essence is the nature of the beast that is Gears of War, or at least the way I see it, but there is one problem with this vision in terms of its scalability to more than just the “gears obsessed” among us all. The problem of the filter…


So perseverance pays off? Lets see what people said when we asked them how long it took to get good at multiplayer..

This is a question we asked on reddit and got some very interesting responses.


GOW 1 had a huge learning curve. Good kids shit on bad kids like no other shooter.

If you were bad you would literally go 20 rounds without a kill. The worst CoD player can still find kills



It took me months to learn to not be a scrub, and I’d say a year to have me be an expert. Sure, within a few weeks I was competent but by no means great. I haven’t played the game in years until recently when ultimate edition came out.

So I picked up ultimate edition a few weeks ago so I could relive my gears 1 days with some buddies who never got past the scrub stage, and my god was it hilarious. Although it can be disouraging to them to see just how big the learning curve is, we all had a good time and who doesn’t love chainsawing people?

The game felt pretty similar to me as the first, which I played religiously until the ps4 came out, and I really haven’t seen that much of a difference in the gnasher. But that could just be the dissonance from not playing it in so long.

All in all, I’d say from the 6+ years I was playing the first one, I was always improving. Granted at a much slower rate than when I first picked up the game, but there were always little nuances that could have been played better in hindsight, or a better way to approach the target.


It took me a little bit. I’ve been playing gears since the original on 360, so making the transition to one wasn’t very difficult for me. But I do remember when I first got the game and thinking to myself – this shit is impossible. Eventually I got the hang of the mechanics ( right side advantage, aim with your elbow, a good strafe and wall bouncing) and everything sort of fell into place. Just keep at it you’ll get it. Practice won’t make you perfect – but it will make you better

I got rank 99 as soon as I open the box. Seriously ,it takes time. You have a learning curve to approach. Not only that, but when you are done learning the game and becoming “one” with it, you’d have to learn how people play as well.

I see patterns of 3 types of players,

1 type is the Rambo guy running in getting killed or lucky. Not much to learn and is reason why you improved.

2nd type is the guy who is decent or great at one on one and knows how to “side to side” and wall bounce well. Tricky ,but gunning for these types will school you. I’d rather take beating and learn to improve than to just cower and win.

3rd type are the beast. Jack of all trades. Knows how to Rambo out will high skills with side to side and crazy wall bounce. On top of that, they are team players. They also know how to use the map against you. Jesus these guys make me want to play COD.

Edit: to answer question, I play heavily like 4 hours a day and it took me about 2 weeks to be a threat and about 4 to 6 weeks to be type 2 player. Haven’t improve to type 3 yet and it’s been months. Although at times I can get there but not consistant.

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I started in April of 2007, probably right around the peak of Gears 1. I’d say it took me a solid 3 months of playing to actually start having games where I’d dominate. I sucked so bad at first..Gears 1 had the highest learning curve of any MP game I’ve ever played. I have been playing ever since then…and I can fucking wreck now and I’m proud of that.

[–]turbotailzTURBOTAILZ 1 point

I still suck 😛

Jokes aside, I started in GOW 2 and it probably took me a good year of constant gaming (I was unemployed) to get fairly decent at the game. Towards the end of it, I was consistently pumping stacked teams in Social Guardian. I miss those times.

GOW 3 I considered myself a pretty good player as well, not the best, but certainly better than most.

GOW UE, fuck that game, I will never be good and I am happy with that.

Hopefully I return to full form in GOW 4. I miss smashing scrubs in GOW >:D

From the perspective of a Gears “obsessed” player these answers make sense to us. It takes months to master the game mechanics to say that you are a half decent player, and how many people are going to sit there and keep persevering until they get good at the game? Probably no more than 5{f362ba258205f4e1cb8a532d311be4ed4d125da6c9b83b6ce61dbaa08cf8a25e} and probably a lot less!

The Gears community all have one thing in common, we all love Gears, and we have all taken our own routes through the steep learning curve of the game. What does that tell us about ourselves? That we are all determined individuals? Or are we all crazy killing machines?

In all seriousness though, i believe that it attracts a certain personality type. I’m not an expert on these kinds of things, but i believe underneath it all we have similar attributes in our personalities to each other which is key to us all striving to constantly improve and perfect our games.


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