Dear The Coalition. We dont want more weapon skins, we already have too many!

weapon skin

TLDR: This started as a little moan about Weapon skins, then turned into a bit of a rant about the direction of past Gears games and now with an over exaggerated focus on customization.

I believe that less is more, and having too many weapons, too many weapon skins, too many character skins actually takes away from the gameplay.

No longer are we excited about “new content” for the game, because they are just making new patterns and not a whole lot else.

The game Rocket League has a great user interface, really great and consistent matchmaking, great ranking system and a replay editor to die for. Rocket league is not on the same budget, does not have the same engine etc.. but being Microsofts AAA title, dont we deserve something that is at least on par with a game like this??

It seems to me that we are taken for fools with the season pass, and the lazy content being produced is something they are even getting us to do with a competition to make YET ANOTHER WEAPON SKIN.

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So Christmas is done with, although we can still collect all of the Christmas weapon skins.

They only cost 400 Credits a go so thats only about 3 or 4 matches of King of the Hill (or about an hour or more of your life) to earn those credits to be able to collect all of those weapon skins for Christmas. Just gotta hope we dont get duplicates, shame we cant trade like some games allow.

Oh and dont forget about the UIR weapon skins. These ones are fantastically ordinary looking, which is great if you like the hundred other weapon skin options that are fairly ordinary and unnecessary. These UIR ones will only cost you over 4,000 credits… and dont even get me started on the absolute bargain that is the eSports skins, or the Black Steel set. Those are fantastic too. They only cost real money, but thats acceptable to us. £8.00 for some artwork on a gun that i use in a game that I enjoy playing. What more could I want!!

It seems that the first Gears of War games in the series were somewhat challenged in their ability to satisfy gamers needs for customisation. And the importance of it shown in the forums to people was highlighted often, and people really wanted there to be more options going forward. Fair enough!

So in Gears of War 1, we had very limited character sets, and weapon skins? You were lucky to even have a hammerburst selection in Gears of War 2…. but you know what. That was actually better in my view. Having less choice is sometimes a good thing. Like “OMG That guy has the Gold Hammerburst!! WTF!!!” Gone are those days, because everyone has a different weapon skin and noone really knows what ones are more rare than other ones. Except if we see someone rocking out a Black Steel something, then we can quite clearly accept that these people have too much money than sense in some cases.

This whole concept of less choice is better, couldnt be more true than in Gears of War 3 with the introduction of the Retro Lancer and the Sawed-off shotgun. These two weapons were two highlighted weapons that were turning players off a lot in Gears of War 3, especially with the Veteran players and biggest fans of the game. It was like “oh we see how you like playing the game, so we are going to make it awkward for the way you like playing it” It would be like someone in soccer saying “well actually we see the goalkeepers like using their hands and its really effective so we are actually going to not allow it anymore”

Then along comes Gears of War Judgment, which promised us all what we had ever dreamed of and more, all these events promoting the game, whole new game modes and concepts of playing such as Outrun.

At a time when Call of Duty was the biggest game of our generation it seemed like a wise move by Epic games to copy the formula to some degree, and create a Call of Duty clone disguised in the game we all know and love. Forget tactical battles and the slow taking of cover, creating angles to dominate areas of the map.. its all about the rush, just keep running and rushing if you want to play this game. See a 90 degree corner there? Yup there is another coming up in about 3 seconds and you have no idea whats coming in any direction because of the closed off maps and the lack of significant cover means its pretty much a Gnasher battle every 3 seconds. But yay we love Gears of War and you know what else we love? 100 playlists, and seperate playlists for people with the DLC and people without it. So if you ever want to get clips and show off videos on YouTube just delete some DLC and play with people who have no idea, get famous on YT and have lots of fun that way.

Over the 10 years of Gears, I must admit that Gears of War 4 is pretty much what Gears of War should be and has been. It is a modern upgraded graphical game, with a more moden feel to it. However, the real problem we have now is to do with priorities and treating the fans as fools.

Give us a replay editor, stop giving us skins, give us a ranking system that works, stop treating us like fools.

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