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This is going to be a new weekly post that I’ll be putting up on Saturdays. It will cover a large variety of gamers that are not in the pro circuit but deserve the recognition. We’ll be kick off Week 1 of Pub Star Saturday with a gamer known as Calcium.

Name: Pete Adida

Age: 24

Location: South Florida

Current Gamertag: Calcium

 Q: When did you first play Gears of War?.. and was there a specific reason for picking up the game?

 A: I started playing Gears of War on the second title, Gears of War 2. I don’t remember the date specifically but I do remember I got the game because I was a kid on YouTube watching Soulja Boy video blogs and saw him playing it.

So I thought, “maybe if I get this game, I’d be able to meet Soulja Boy!” Didn’t go that way, haha. I remember my first game vividly. It was a Warzone game, a special event on the weekend where just a single melee would down your opponent instantly. I was getting destroyed! I hated the game so much! I was a very determined Grand Theft Auto 4 online player, so I would start Gears of War 2 up and die once in Warzone and go straight to GTA IV to take out my frustration in an online ranked deathmatch. Long story short, I met a group of players from Miami, FL in a game of Gears of War 2 who kinda invited me to their games as a faithful 5th just to drag me along in their victories. This was when I really started having love for the game, watching them play the way they play, the fun they’d have, the way they made their callouts just made me appreciate the game a whole lot more. It was amazing seeing someone “wallbounce”, I had no idea what any of this was. They’d eventually come down to show me the basics of playing and I just ran with what they taught me with my own style attached. I grew to love the hammerburst, but at first didn’t know how it operated fully. I would hold the trigger while providing a cross for my teammates and as you know, that’s not an effective crossfire at all! So one day while playing with this new group of friends that I’d met a few weeks before, I was being watched on ghost cam by one of our obnoxious teammates named Steve. He was watching me operate the hammerburst and just let out a very loud laugh and pretty much embarrassed me! He yelled that I was supposed to be controlling the rifle by the consistent taps of my controller’s trigger. Everyone else was having the laugh of their lives. It was embarrassing but it really helped mold me to become a better player. Since that incident I’ve been practicing my tapping, which wasn’t hard because it was the exact same way the SMG functioned on GTA IV. So I had that down pat after a few more games. Had it so down pat that I was starting to be accused of having a “modded controller”, even on GTA IV they’d say I was the player with a “turbo”. I had no idea what it was but I would always try my best to defend my legitimate title of just another somewhat skilled player online in a ranked match. No one bought my pleads, so I just kind of got desensitized to the false claims and just play my game with even more aggression. It would hurt me to be called a cheater when I wasn’t anywhere close to be being one, yet alone being able to afford being a cheater. It was always like a slap to the face because my hard work was always overlooked and looked upon as a player with a major ease in his gameplay because he had a pretty overpowering controller. I’ve learned to since then take all those claims as compliments, even today during my games of Gears of War: UE, I’d still be accused of having a modified controller.

Q: How many collective hours/days/months would you say you’ve invested in the Gears of War Series?

A: I’d say a solid 4-5 years. That sounds extremely bad now that I think about it. Like I’m literally picturing my long gone ancestors upset with me wasting away this time, haha!

Q: Do you have a favorite game mode(s)?

A: Yes, Warzone is my favorite game mode to play, but I’m forced to play Execution since most players rather have three chances of being able to get up on their own when downed.

I think this is why I take my games so serious when I play, because I’m so used to having that one life from my Warzone games. So to answer this question I’d say Warzone and Execution (by force). The ‘Brothers to the End’ game mode on Gears of War 3 is also a big favorite of mine!

Q: Do you tend to play with friends or do you prefer playing with random people?

A: I like to play with 2 friends at the most. A three man team is always better than a full five from my understanding. Unless you have a full understanding of your teammates and explicable chemistry. I say that because there’s always that comfort in your team’s mind that “okay, we’re stacked I don’t need to be working that hard.” It’s always a letdown to lose to another team because your teammates get “too comfortable”.

I play alone though, I rather play with random players because when I play with friends they always complain and moan from everything that they go through. So I play alone, with no headset, so I’m not distracted by an adult’s cries because they got flanked or they’re missing all their shots yet claim their opponent was “eating”. I rather lose on my own than with a team. It’s embarrassing.

Q: What would you say some of your Gears of War Achievements are?

A: Going up against known professional players and giving them a hard time or even beating them. There’s a clip somewhere on twitch of me handling ‘Ribs J’ and his posse on Gears 3. He even gave me my respect by stating “you’re the only player to make me try so hard in a pub match.” That was the best feeling ever, ha! I’ve had plenty of other sweaty victories that I’m proud of also, but without any actual footage my claims are just claims.

Some of the Ribs J footage here:

 Q: Aside from dominating Public Matches, do you play any Gamebattles, UMG, ESL, etc.?

 A: I used to play petty unofficial Gamebattle games with my friends but I never got any satisfaction from any of that. I get my satisfaction from having my gamertag posted up on the public leaderboards. It’s like having a trophy in a trophy case. I did one MLG match about 5 years ago on Gears of War 2 that I recorded which can be viewed here.

Q: Have you ever considered taking your Gears of War play to a professional level? If yes, was there a specific reason you’d like to share as to why you did not?

A: I did at some point in time, but I had no friends who were motivated enough for that. I also like to view myself as a leader, so I think there was a little ego in my way of actually going out to join a team that was recruiting. I don’t play as well with others, because I get extremely driven to attack, rather to have my team sit back and watching me get destroyed and then attempting to do something about it after I’m dead. My thoughts while playing GoW are very instant; I’d be that one teammate babysitting everyone on the team. For instance fighting my 1v and at the same time giving a little crossfire to an ally in need of help that’s all the way across the map while getting pushed. I’ve never in my years of playing Gears of War, had a teammate ever have the mindset to play the way I do. To multitask as they’re attacking, to be on defense and offense all at once. Every player gets this sort of “tunnel-vision” when they play. Meaning, they see one opponent and then make it their life’s goal to kill that one person. They don’t pay attention to the other guy with the longshot, torque or boomshot on the other side of the map taking aim at them until they’re dead. Then they give off the cry of “OH HE HAD SNIPE? OH HE HAD BOOM?” etc.. That’s my biggest pet peeve ever! I pay attention to EVERYTHING possible when I play so if I die because of my unawareness I accept it and make the callout for others, not cry.

Q: If given the chance to play in the Pro League with the current teams, would you take it?

A: No, I’m too busy as of now. If I wasn’t busy, I’d still think it’d be a no.

Q: Do you feel that Gears of War UE has captured exactly what Gears of War is?

 A: In a way. The shotgun is so off, but adaptable. I aim to the left to get a very precise shot off. Other than that, it’s something to play until Gears of War 4 is released!

Q:If you had to describe what Gears of War is to you, how would you do so?

A: GEARS IS LIFE! Haha, I love the franchise. It’s always a random moment! No other multiplayer game that I’d play has the random outcomes as Gears of War does. It’s not uniform, every player has their unique way of playing. So you can always learn something new whenever you play a game online. I’m a very competitive player, I love games that take me head to head with other players, so I’d get a game, go straight to their multiplayer section and play the story mode a few months down the road when I feel I’ve accomplished what I wanted playing multiplayer. (I’m never accomplished with my multiplayer outcomes because there’s always another player practicing when I’m asleep.)

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Q: What is your current gaming setup? Please include TV, Headphones, Controllers, Streaming PCs, etc.

A: I play on a 24′ BenQ gaming monitor. Forgot the exact version but, it’s worked wonders for me when it comes to a quick response time for playing Gears of War. It’s like playing on a tube television.

I used to play with the cheap Turtle Beach X12 headset but it’s yet been broken, so I rely on my monitor’s built in sound. Pretty pleased with the sound surprisingly. I use the default controller that comes with every console I own.

I was pretty active on a while ago but those days are long gone. I streamed with an Elgato and a second hand Laptop with an i5 processor. It did the job very well.

Q: How can people follow you? Please include Twitter/Instagram/Twitch/Youtube/etc

A: I’m not as involved in the gaming community to include my social media accounts, but I can be found on Twitch via

Q: Are there any screen shots or videos you’d really like to share?

A: Me sweating against Ribs J and his crew, one of many games that I’ve actually put up a fight.

My first MLG match ever, on Gears of War 2

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on all things Gears of War. We truly appreciate it here at Gears Portal. Best of luck to you in the future with whatever you decided to do!

– Cory S. | @xboxcory


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