Interview with Team Kaliber’s Crushmo


Recently we spoke with arguably best shotgun player in Gears, Crushmo. As he also recently signed on with Team Kaliber, it’s the perfect time to hear from him before we head into MLG Columbus. After seeing Crushmo at PAX East 2016, his squad rallied at the Gears of War 4 Mode debut and won themselves some gorgeous Gears of War Hyper X Headsets. Now on to the interview.

Name: Christopher Lauzon

Age: 20

Location: Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac Masson ,QC Canada

Gamertag: Crushmo

Team Name: Team Kaliber tK


Team Competitive Achievements: 3rd place at Hypefestation Winterbrawl 9 Gears of war 3 , 2nd place at MES Gears of War UE and Qualified in the ESL Pro League 2 times For GoW UE , 1st place at PAX in the Gears of war 4 Showcase

Q: When did you first play Gears of War?

A: 9 years ago I played Gears of War 1 for fun with a friend from school.

Q: Is there something specific that attracted you to the franchise?

A: Obviously the Gnasher is my favorite weapon and also that feeling you get after you clutch.

Q: How many collective days of playtime would assume it took you to become a great, well-rounded player?

A: 20 days of playtime

Q: At what point did you decide that you were ready to try out for a team?

A: When I started playing GB with my friends in 2009 I was playing with a team called F3, it was a French Canadian team.

Q: Were you lucky enough to win your first competitive matchup? Do you remember any details about it that you care to share?

A: From what I remember, we got beat pretty bad..but we never gave up cause GoW was life.

Q: Do you recall all of the teams that you’ve been a part of?

  • 3
  • DbF
  • Lox
  • Awakening
  • Fury
  • MbN
  • Justus
  • MFH
  • Team Kaliber

Q: In terms of evolving and getting better as a team, what would you say your typical routine involves?

A:Be there for each other in and out of the game and being able to accept criticism is the most important thing  that’s how you improve and grow as a team.

Q: In a competitive match, if a route works out different than planned, would you say that your team is prepared to change their tactics on such short notice?

A: I think we are pretty good at that especially when it’s round 7 “ For the Bread ”

Q: Which Gears of War title would you call your favorite and why?

A: Gears of War 2 is probably my favorite cause I started playing competitively in that game and even though my connection was horrible, it didn’t matter cause the game wasn’t all about skills. It was all about teamwork and strategies.

Q: Do you feel that Gears of War UE has captured the roots of Gears of War?

A: I think so. The developers did a great job with UE and the support they are giving to our community is unmatched.

Q: If you could describe Gear of War in under five words, what words would you use?

A: Intensity, Loyalty, Ability, Teamwork, and Focus.

Q: Where do you see the future of Gears going for both yourself and your team?

A: I don’t really think about myself right now, my team means everything to me and we will keep grinding as long as we can to improve as a team to be ready for MLG Columbus and Gears of War 4.

Q: If you could give just one tip to somebody that is looking to improve as a rounded Gears of War player, what would that tip be?

A: Make a team with friends on the MLG NA Ladder on Gamebattles and grind as much as you can.


Thank you Crushmo for taking the time to shed some light on what Gears is to both you and your team. We can’t wait to see what you guys bring to MLG Columbus and to Gears of War 4!!

Cory // @RenderCEO


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