I had the chance recently to sit down and talk Gears with Australian ESL Player RAAMTRAM. After going over some questions together and talking about Gears in general, we got down to the basics. You can view our interview below.

Name: Jake Richardson

Age: 22

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Current Gamertag: RAAMTRAM

Team Name: Neet Squad / Kitten You?

Team Competitive Achievements:  

Gears of War:

  • Team Malice 1st Place Ladder Holder on Cybergamer

Gears of War 3

  • State of Origin Winners Team Victoria
  • Purity 3rd in CyberGamer ladder

Gears of War UE

  • Doesplay Round 3 Winners
  • Doesplay ESL Season 2 5th Place

Individual Competitive Achievements:

Gears of War 3

  • CyberGamer People’s Choice Awards: Best Gnasher Player
  • CyberGamer People’s Choice Awards: Most Improved Player

Gears of War UE

  • Doesplay Boxes 1st Place

Q: When did you first play Gears of War? 

A: 2007

Q: Is there something specific that attracted you to the franchise?

A: To be honest I was at the store to get Bioshock and my dad picked Gears of War up and bought it for me. I had no clue what it was, but once I played it, I guess the gore, faced paced action, and 3rd person play style really attracted me.

Q: How many collective days of playtime would assume it took you to become a great, well-rounded player?

A: I’d say I didn’t hit my peak till the end of Gears 3, so that would of been a few years. Gears is always changing so every game there is new things to learn. Even now when I look back to the end of Gears 3 I’ve improved so much.

Q: At what point did you decide that you were ready to try out for a team?

A: After playing two years of ranked in Gears of War I found out there was a competitive scene and decided to message a player from ranked I thought was good. I wanted to see if I could team with him, turns out he was the head player for the number one team at the time, Team Malice.  

Q: Were you lucky enough to win your first competitive matchup? Do you remember any details about it that you care to share?

A: To be honest I can’t remember much from my first match apart from I was sitting back with a lancer pretty nervous, although I just wanted to rush in with my shotgun.

Q: Do you recall all of the teams that you’ve been a part of?

  • Malice
  • Purity
  • Unknown

Q: In terms of evolving and getting better as a team, what would you say your typical routine involves?


Q: In a competitive match, if a route works out different than planned, would you say that your team is prepared to change their tactics on such short notice?

A: To be honest, when we first started playing, no, not at all. After playing together for awhile it just becomes second nature to pull off and go for something else with the people I play with. 

Q: Which Gears of War title would you call your favorite and why?

A: Gears of War 1! How can you not pick this one right here? Everything about the game at it’s time of release was amazing and the memories I have had on that game will never leave.

Q: Do you feel that Gears of War UE has captured the roots of Gears of War?

A: All up yes! However, it still feels like and plays a lot differently.

Raam Cutout

Q: If you could describe Gear of War in under five words, what words would you use?

A: Underrated, game of the century.

Q: Can we plan on seeing you make your way into the  Gears of War 4 eSports scene?

A: Of course and I’ve been working on something special for my team! Trying to get some old players back from the past that are insane and will give you guys a treat.

Q: Where do you see the future of Gears going for both yourself and your team?

A: With the Gears 4 release, it’s looking really good for the community and with ESL and other websites putting in the work to try spread the word of this game, it’s great! Also, I’ve heard they’re gonna try to push this game hard so it should pan out well. As for me and my team, if I manage to get this new team together it will be nothing but happy days! 

Q: If you could give just on tip to somebody that is looking to improve as a rounded Gears of War player, what would that tip be?

A: Give Gears time, it’s a game you have to play a lot and not get angry with to improve.

Q: Lastly, with the Season 2 Finals just taking place a few weeks back, who were you routing for?

A: #WOLFPACK FT Ashes 😉 

Thank you Jake for taking the time to sit down and talk some Gears of War with me. I really appreciate you sharing your insight and giving us the view of Gears from an AU player. It means the world! Make sure you check out his social media below to stay up to date with his current projects!


I’m always looking to speak with members of the eSports community. If you’d like to talk, you can contact me below.

-Cory S. | @xboxcory


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