In the Community: DvL Gaming & eSports

DvL Gaming and eSports

In the Gears community we are blessed with a lot of people who want to make it onto the scene that put in a lot of hard work to make it happen. A lot of people who regularly watch YouTube are often drawn to just a handful of channels. And new players to the game might come across those same channels.

Part of this series of articles on our GoWPortal, is to introduce us to more members of the community, and help new channels become more established which also helps Gears of War by making it more visible on YouTube.

We hope that you guys can get behind this series and get more of these orgs noticed for the hard work they do for your entertainment!

First up

DVile eSports (DvL)

We catchup with Skillzy from DVile Gaming & eSports, and find out the story behind their formation, and the kind of content you might see from these guys in the near future.

DVile Gaming & eSports also known as DvL was created by Youtubers Skillzy and Monsty in June 2016.

The aim behind DVile was to create a new platform for Gears of War gamers that would cover all fields of the game.

With eSports growing at a very fast paced it was the perfect opportunity to build DVile around eSports, creating competitive teams that will compete in future Gears of War eSports events both in the US and in the EU with two separate core teams under the same brand.

DVile also has a massive focus towards creating the finest Gears of War content with creative Edits, Informative Guides, Fun to watch commentaries & of course our specialty montaging.

The #DVileFam grows stronger everyday due to the goals that DVile has for the team.

DVIle looks to be placed in the Top 8 in the US and the Top 4 in EU for competitive Gears. We are also looking to be the go to place for Gears of War content not just on Youtube but also on Twitch creative fun interactive streams for viewers including scrims, fan lobbys giveaways etc.

DVile has only been around for a few months but the growth has been great so far and we have has a lot of amazing support and also have a loyal fan base already.

The DVile Gears Promo will release later this month and should hopefully spread the name DVIle around the community.

We may look at branching into other games in the future but for now we are focused on our current goals and will do everything to achieve them!

Look out for us!

DvL Competitive Montage

Video Info:
Here’s DvL Bane’s new Comptage! It consists of highlights from GB matches, Comp Exe, and Scrims.

enjoy what DvL Obtain and Bane did for this! some incredible clips in here.



About DvL

Video Info:

The recruitment challenge video explainer gives a good overview of what it takes to be part of DvL. They are composed of some top top players, and the videos on their channel are of the highest quality.

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