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With a huge response to this new Girls of War segment, we have weeks of interviews already wrapped up! I can’t wait to share what these badass chicks have to say about Gears of War! To start off our series, we spoke with recreational gamer, and signed model, Rebecca. Here’s what she had to say:

Name: Rebecca

Gamertag: vDubBugLove

Location:  Florida


Q: How long have you been playing Gears of War?

A: 5 years

Q: Is there a specific one that you like best?

A: Judgement. The controller scheme is very player friendly and the multiplayer options make for a fluid, exciting session.

Q: What you say your favorite thing about Gears is?

A: The Gore and meatshields lol

Q: Would you like to see a girls only event for Gears?

A: No, the girls can be just as good and should be allowed to play with the guys. Nothing is better than beating a guy that thinks he’s all that and that girls suck.

Q: Do you prefer playing with other girls?

A: No preference, just want to play a good match.

Q: If you could add an aspect to Gears of War, what would that be?

A: Allowing the Judgement control scheme be an option on the other titles and vice versa

Q: What setup do you currently use?

A: Astro A50s & Samsung 46″ LED TV

Q: How can we follow you and keep up with your gaming?

A: I’m not a big social media “gamer” but, my accounts are:

InstagramTwitter | Xbox

But, if you see a desire for more gaming, I’d be happy to start something up

Q: Anything you’d like to add?

A: Bring on the Horde


Thank you Rebecca for taking the time to share her thoughts on where Gears of War is now and shed some insight into the life of her Gears experience! We will be uploading a new interview every Wednesday so keep your eyes out.

If you’d like to be in the lineup for our Girls of War Series, please contact me on Twitter via my handle below.


-Cory S / @xboxcory


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