Girls of War: iLLestChiKK


We are headed back to Florida in this week’s Girls of War Feature!! We spoke with iLLestChiKK and got her thoughts on what Gears of War means to her as a Girl Gamer. You can read through her answers below.

Name: Tabatha

Gamertag: iLLestChiKKHeadshot

Location: Florida

Q: How long have you been playing Gears of War?

A: Since 2007-Current

Q: Is there a specific one that you like best?

A: The first is a given. However, I will say the second is right there with it! With wall bouncing being a thing, it gave the game an even more competitive feel.

Q: What would you say your favorite thing about Gears is?

A: Definitely the Gnasher! Love me some shotty battles!

Q: Would you like to see a girls only event for Gears?

A: Why not?!

Q: Do you prefer playing with other girls?

A: No preference.

Q: How can we follow you and keep up with your gaming?

A: Twitter: @IL7ESTCHIKKYouTube: Tabatha MTwitch: Not just yet but soon! I’ll keep ya posted!

Yet another badass chick sharing her thoughts on Gears of War! If you’d like to be lined up for an upcoming interview, contact me below via Twitter!

Cory // @xboxcory



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