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In the first post of this series, we talk with DOMINATOR xMYQx about his setup he has, which is ever growing as we build up to the Gears of War 4 release date. Some really exciting gear he has, and a collection that a number of you guys will very much be jealous of. I think we would all love to have a collection like this!

Well since I was 3 picked up my first controller on Nintendo playin super mario I was hooked lol.

Growin up always loved video games in late 2006 I got my first xbox 360 and started trying out different types of games.

Racers were my first then shooters. In early 2007 I was introduced to Gears of War. It was hard to get into due to i was late comin into the game and everyone on there already knew how to play it. Was challenging to play but I kept up with it. Always been a dream of mine to be known.

Show the world what I can do and in hopes they would have a good time watchin and checkin it out. Never had the kinda cash to get everythin but i made due with what i had. Now a days being a 30yr old fulltime single father I cant dedicate everything into gaming but I still have that passion and drive to show the world what I can do and my kids support that.

I Have about 50+ Games Digitally Downloaded With Alot Of Dlc Content For The Majority of the games I own Specially Gears Of War 1-Ultimate Edition All Call Of Duty Dlc about 700 Songs for Rockband 4 I’ve been an Xbox Live member for over 9yrs now

Currently right now I have

Like i said its been a dream of mine to be known and for my Team to be known and compete. 1day xMake You Quitx (xMYQx) will be known! 😀

What would you like to achieve with MYQ in the future, where do you see them in a years time?
Id like to see my team on the big stage. Im not gettin any younger lol. Would love to see my team and myself compete in tournaments Gamebattles/MLG

What kind of stuff are you going to be doing more of within gears of war? e.g. Streaming, YT, Montages, Blogs, or anything else
I have 20+ people involved with MYQ most have it in there gamertags some represent wit games that have clan tags. Im hoping to get a teamtage going soon lots of streaming hoping for some more viewers per stream and over all followers blogs not so much right now untill we get teams situated for certain games (Gears team, Cod Team) etc. Jus focusin on the core of the team see who wants to do what compete/casual gamer and go from there

For more on this interview see the article at this link.

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  1. I Jus Wanted To Take This Time And Say Thank You 2 GowPortal For Showing Off My Stuff Lol Aldo The Articles About My Team And My Own Mean So Much. Jus Another Way Of Getting The Name Team And Myself Known. Thank you


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