Pub Star Saturday: bxFLYBOYpepz


For this week’s Pub Star Saturday, we hunted the top of the leaderboards to bring you a player that sits amongst the top 20 players in Execution. Taking the definition of Pub Star to a whole new level, here’s Joel with more:

Name: Joel Motino

Age: 29

Location: Bronx, NY USA

Current Gamertag: bxFLYBOYpepz


Q: When did you first play Gears of War?.. and was there a specific reason for picking up the game?

A: The first time I played gears was in about 2006 under “pepz167”, which I then changed to bxFLYBOYpepz because of my “flyboy” clan.

I remember watching my neighbor play the game and chainsawing someone and I thought that was pretty cool.  I mean let’s be honest, everyone thought that was the coolest thing to ever do in Gears that year lol. I fell in love with the game and I’ve been gaming since.

Q: How many collective hours/days/months would you say you’ve invested in the Gears of War Series?

A: I put a lot of time in this game, 2006 until now makes a decade. Of course I didn’t play everyday single day. I stopped playing for about 2 years but when UE came out, I jumped right back on it. I wasn’t big on Gears 2 or 3 so while everyone played those games, I was still on Gears 1.

Q: Do you have a favorite game mode(s)?

A: By far Execution is my favorite game mode. Curb stomps, head shots, and gnashers is all I know. I started out with Warzone on Gears 1 but once I learned about Execution, it was over for that. There’s nothing more competitive than a 4v4 with no respawns.

Q: Do you tend to play with friends or do you prefer playing with random people?

A: Of course I prefer playing with friends, specifically my team (Sacred blue 40, xl JKiiD lx , DudeShootHere, Too Manny Killz, x GOONIE TOON x, FLy RELLZ). We’ve been playing together since Gears 1 release more or less, so you can say we’re no doubt a tough team to beat. Of course when my squad is not on though, I have no choice but to play with “randys” and everyone knows what happens when you play with “randys”:/

Q: What would you say some of your Gears of War Achievements are?

A: One of my Gears of War achievement is winning our first ESL match lol. We never went for competitions in the past because honestly, we never cared for it, but times change and so did we. Being able to go against pros and being able to handle them is for sure another. Knowing you put in work and are able to display that skill feels better than the A/C in the summer. For sure this is one of my greatest Gears of war achievements, having the ability to tell my story and potentially have the entire Gears of War community listen.

Q: Aside from dominating Public Matches, do you play any Gamebattles, UMG, ESL, etc.?

A: I have never played Gamebattles or MLG in the past but I did play ESL in the recent tournaments and we won our first match 4-0. We were later disqualified due to a member not being registered properly. After that we stuck with pubs and never played a tournament again.

Q: Have you ever considered taking your Gears of War play to a professional level? If yes, was there a specific reason you’d like to share as to why you did not?

A: I would definitely like to go pro, just like Calcium said “gaming is life” lol and maybe one day I’ll be able to show my skills to the world. The only reason I haven’t yet is simply because I haven’t tried. I had no interest before, but now I do and it’s time to shed some light on this underground gamer.

Q: If given the chance to play in the Pro League with the current teams, would you take it?

A: I would prefer making it to the pro league with the squad now. It’s always nice to make it with your day 1’s, but if for whatever reason I’m not able to, than of course I would play in the Pro League with the current teams. I have nothing but love and respect for them. They work hard and they’re dedicated. Indeed a league that captures my interest.

Q: Do you feel that Gears of War UE has captured exactly what Gears of War is?

A: I think UE has definitely captured what Gears of War is…rage, strats, precision, teamwork, and excitement. I love me some sweaty matches. It is nice to see what an updated Gears 1 looks like. 

Q: If you had to describe what Gears of War is to you, how would you do so?

A: Gears to me is a way to relax and be myself. A place I can go after a long stressful day to play with my peeps. Where we can snap on each other, respect each other, laugh at each other, argue with each other and at the end of the day, it’s all love. Gears has been a blessing and a social event I can always come to at the end of my  day.

Leaderboard SHot

Q: What is your current gaming setup?

A: Right now I play on a COD Advanced Warfare Xbox One with 1 tTB, regular, all black, wireless Microsoft Xbox One remote, XO 4 Stealth Turtle Beach Headset, a 50″ Samsung TV with the most comfortable recliner ever. Sometimes I’m on Twitch when I’m with the squad but I’m not big on streaming either…at least not yet.

Q: How can people follow you?

A: People can follow me on: for montage videos or @bxflyboypepz on Twitter. I’m also on Twitch bxflyboypepz

You can check out a few of my screenshots below!


Thank you Joel for taking the time to answer some questions for us and the community! We’ll certainly be keeping touch and certainly keeping an eye as you climb the leaderboards!! Best of luck brother!!


-Cory S. / @xboxcory


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