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It’s another great day to share the thoughts from a Girl of War! This week we speak with a long time Gears of War Girl and get her thoughts on the series!

Name: Jennifer
Gamertag:  evilashjenn
Location: Colorado
Q: How long have you been playing Gears of War?
A: 9.5 years
Q: Is there a specific one that you like best?
A: Gears 2 😀
Q: What you say your favorite thing about Gears is?
A: Even though I should turn it off to get better frames…I can’t. I love the gore of Gears. It’s the reason why I started playing gears. Carmine says it best “I love that pop”. Snipe head shots are, and always will be very satisfying. Right before launch in Nov 06′, a friend of mine told me “Hey Jenn, there’s this game coming out called gears of war, you get a chainsaw gun and a shot gun as your main weapons”. I was like, “That’s total Army Of Darkness (my favorite movie) I’m sold”; been hooked ever since.
Q: Would you like to see a girls only event for Gears?
A: A part of me believes that if a girl wants to be competitive she needs to keep up with everyone else. Then against most teams, leagues, and gaming events more than likely,  wouldn’t give a girl a chance even if she was legit. So, I guess I’m 50/50 on that aspect.
Q: Do you prefer playing with other girls?
A: It’s nice to play with other girls ….one’s that enjoy the game, have fun, and are competitive. I have one very close female friend I play with a lot, and about 10 females on my list that I’ll play gears with sometimes. I just don’t run into to many. I have met more females on UE than I have in Gears 1, 2 , 3 and Judgement combined. I am not sure if it’s Twitch or The Coalition’s marketing team, but there are a lot more women playing than ever, at least from my personal experience.
Q: If you could add an aspect to Gears of War, what would that be?
A: Spent a lot of time thinking about this… I always have wished everyone’s connection could be more equal. I know I have better chances winning the lottery, it’s just impossible and I know that. There’s a lot of tweaks that need to be made currently: melee, shot gun accuracy etc. I would appreciate a new, “out of the box” game type, as much as I love the game types we had in the past and current ones, most new game types are slightly similar to one another, based on a different scoring system. For example, Annex, KOTH, and Blitz are all ring based. Guardian, Assassination, and Capture the Leader all have to do with the leader in some form. I will say this though, if someone asked me, I would draw a blank; so, it must be difficult for developers to attempt a total out of the box game type. I appreciate dodgeball, it’s fun and exciting. Although, it’s still based on execution. Assassination is coming back, so that’s good news. I wish Wingman would make a come back in Gears 4. I guess I could go on and on about this question, so I will stop there.
Q: What setup do you currently use?
A: I currently use the XO One Turtle Beaches and a basic controller. I wondered what all the hype was about the elite controller, then I actually tried one out so I plan on buying one for Gears 4. I understand playing on a monitor is better, I still use a 40 inch TV to play.  I don’t stream, so nothing like that.
Q: How can we follow you and keep up with your gaming?
A: I was never really into Twitter until gears UE, so now that I am on Twitter and active, my Twitter is @evilashjenn.
Q: Anything you’d like to add?
A: Just waiting and hoping Gears 4 is amazing 😀 then I can say, “I’ve been playing gears for a whole freakin’ decade!” I hope they bring back some goodies but oldies, like Avalanche and Blood Drive in Gears 4 too!

Thank you Jenn for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions on Gears of War! I appreciate it and I know our readers do too!

Cory // @RenderCEO


  1. Nice share Jenn, for sure girls are a part of GOW as anything else in life! No machoman there 🙂 Just people who have fun together in this amazing GOW 🙂
    Hope see you in fight 😉
    Take care
    Byeee #GearsFam


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