Event Details

We at GoWPortal have been wanting to set an event up for the #GearsFam for quite some time now and we have now finally made it a reality!
Say hello to… GoWPortal’s Midnight Mayhem!

What do you mean, Mayhem?

When we say Mayhem we mean you will die… ALOT, but you will kill equally as much (If you’re lucky that is).

April 1st 23:59 GMT/ 3:59 PST/ 18:59 EST

Event settings

  • Weapons Swaps – EXPLOSIVES
  • Rounds To Win – 2
  • Respawns – 20
  • Execution Rules – On
  • Respawn Time – 5 Seconds
  • DBNO Time – 1 Second
  • Friendly Fire – Off
  • Weapon Tuning – Competitive


This event will be streamed over on Beam HERE


How long will this event last?
We’re thinking around 3 hours but we won’t end until everyone’s came in and gamed!

Why are you doing this?
We’ve always wanted to do something, we just weren’t sure what.

Will you be doing more things like this?
Hell yeah we do!


GoWPortal Tee
From MemeFatale (Massive thank you to her):
Brothers To The End pre-order bonus
Zombie JD collection (Zombie JD, Zombie Lancer and Zombie gnasher)
2x 10 of your currency for Xbox Credit!

Will there be prizes?
YES, we’ll release more information on this soon!

How to Join

To join on the day you can send a message HERE and we’ll get you in!

You can view our forum thread HERE

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