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I know a lot of your guys have followed us either on twitter, or discovered our site before when looking for info about Gears of War in the past. We have, in the past been there for people who want to get achievements, and create an area online where like-minded Gears can work together to get achievements, and when everybody wanted to trade codes on Gears of War Judgment prior to the game release, and during; we there to help you guys do it, (and not get conned out of a deal, or at least reduce the chance of it to a minimum!)

We have had loads of successful trades and people were delighted with how well the system worked.. and we was pleased to be able to offer that to you guys.

The goals of the site now however, has somewhat changed.

Since 2011, when the site first popped into existence, the goal of the site was really to just get discovered on YouTube, and the site did help with that, even in those early days. It still continues to help with our YouTube channel, and about 30{f362ba258205f4e1cb8a532d311be4ed4d125da6c9b83b6ce61dbaa08cf8a25e} of all the traffic that we get to our YouTube channel is through watching videos on this site.

We have also featured loads of other peoples videos on the site, which in turn helps drive people to their clips, or videos of people who are interested in Gears. the overall goal to help more people get into Gears of War, because its worth continuing to play and improve your game.

Over the years, the role of this website has changed, and instead of it just being a centre for all the Gears of War content that we personally produce.. its become more of a center for Gears of War content.. New sections are popping up on the site, under new categories.. Clutches, Competitions, Deals, Community posts..

We also have a vision of being able to provide Gears players a personal blogging platform, to discuss with like minded people about their lives and share their stories. I believe that “blogging” is a form of expression for you. It is such a good feeling writing and expressing your thoughts for others to read. And the challenge has really always been to keep people interested in what you have to say.. and I’ve definitely learnt that over the years that writing from a personal point of view is exactly what people relate to and engage with.

The kind of posts i’m talking about having on the site could be, as examples; personal struggles (i bet we have all had a few of those), buying your first car and the story behind it (because its something a lot of players have gone through in the past decade since Gears was first released), your set up at home (talking about the kit and tech you have), what kind of stuff you are thinking about getting/playing in the future and why.

Sharing the ideas and thoughts we have online is easy to do on twitter, but with an article, or a post or a personal blog, you get to tell your story in more than just a few characters.

I think with twitter, its possible to tell a story over time, but its extremely hard to express yourself in the full way you probably want to online. I believe people online, and people who play Gears specifically are desperate for the ability to express themselves. And i would love nothing more than to read about other Gears players lives on this site, and just see what others think about some of the stories that people have to say.

I love Gears, but there are plenty of other things in my life that come first. Maybe you dont feel like that, and maybe Gears really is the number one thing you have.. even so, it would be awesome to see some posts from you if you do feel like this.. and likewise, if you have about 5 different projects going on, and Gears is just something you do for fun on the side then i believe it would be good to hear about things that your doing, that people who are into Gears enjoy doing when not playing Gears!

The role of Gears of War in our lives is like a magnet that attracts like-minded people. People who are happy to go through an insane learning curve and determined enough to get through it and keep going.. not everyone can do that and keep motivated enough to keep going, and that is something we all share about ourselves that connects us all.

If you want to become a blogger on the site, then just follow this link and i ll personally be glad to read your stories, and i’m sure others would too.


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