We’ve added Spoton1o1! a Top Sniper to our team of YouTubers


We are delighted to announce that Spoton1o1 has been added to the team of YouTubers we have for the GoWPortal YouTube channel.

Our efforts to grow our presence online from a very infrequent upload range from just one or two people who are still adding to the channel, to what we hope will become a lot more frequent, with a larger mixture of playing styles.

What people call good clips, and good gameplay all varies, and we suspect that you guys will be delighted with the kind of game play that we will be showing from Spoton and the other new guys who are joining the team.

Their uploads will come soon, however we are just working on a few bits behind the scenes to ensure that there is a good level of consistency with the uploads and that they feel very much like a gowportal production.

Background about Spoton1o1:

This guy has been playing Gears since it was first released. A real veteran of the game who has put in countless hours to get to the skill level he is at.

over 10,000 kills in Gears of War UE with the sniper alone, this guy is a true legend with this weapon, and something that means the clips and entertainment to be seen from him and his own channel as well as our own will be un believable!

Even without the snipe there is some unbelievable shots he is making with the Gnasher and effortlessly taking on multiple players in a very efficient style that is very consistent.

If you like fast wall bouncing, accurate gnasher, clutches, and top sniper game play then stay tuned, and add Spoton1o1 to your subscription list on YouTube.

Checkout this video, one of his most recent from his own channel

We will be announcing some more new players to our YouTube channel soon, so stay tuned. These really are exciting times for us as we transition into a larger channel and influence in the Gears of War community.

We are always looking for new people to join our team, and it doesnt have to be on YouTube that you have skills. If you want to get involved with us then see our About Page and application form and apply to join!

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