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Write for Gears of War Portal?

If you want to help cover the world of Gears of War by writing articles or your opinions, or even posting reviews and news from the industry then you can.

You just need to become a verified writer by simply contacting @GoWPortal or sending us an email and you can get your article in front of a Gears of War dedicated audience.

Be part of something…

We want to supply Gears of War content to you guys, but we are such a small team and we dont make any money from this project.

But to grow further, we need help from people who want to contribute by writing for us.

Gears news moves quickly, and new stuff comes out everyday.
Even when the game is launched there will be things to highlight to our fellow Gears.

People will be producing video content, and we want to be providing our commentary and opinion to what people are talking about.

The ultimate aim to be to get more gamers into Gears.

So can you help? Are you any good at writing?

Full training provided, and its good experience. (This is an unpaid role)

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