GoWPortal Fantasy Football Season 2016-17

gears of war portal fantasy premier league

This year we are running a fantasy football league on fantasy.premierleague.com

We will be giving monthly updates on players progress through the leagues and accumulation of points. It is a fun game that you can take as seriously or as casually as you like and just by entering you stand a chance of winning a 12 month Xbox Live subscription, so its probably worth just putting a team together.

If you are interested in joining our league then we will ask that you signup to GoWPortal as a member in order to beĀ eligibleĀ for the prize. This is our only request to join, and pretty much our only rule regarding the prize. Everything else, you can do what you like to obtain the most points come the end of the season. The person with the most points wins the prize and we all fun throughout the season.

Dont like football/soccer? Then dont worry as we will be planing other giveaways and competitions soon, but you dont have to even enjoy football/soccer to enter!

To join the league, use the following link and league code.


Code to join league: 389176-138801

Prize: 12 month Xbox Live Code – Winner

Have another game you would like members to enter? Let us know about it and maybe we can create a league.

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