Win “The Division” on Xbox One – Giveaway


The Division on Xbox One Giveaway

Why the hell are you guys giving away The Division when you guys like Gears of War?
What a great question! Well we love Gears of War, but believe not enough people do, we want to reach new people and believe by dangling this game in front of random gamers across the interweb we can pursuade them to take a journey into the Gears of War community and discover some of the great stuff we do.

What are you promoting as part of this giveaway?
We are promoting our twitter and youtube channel (standard lol) but we are also promoting our introduction to Gears of War video, which helps new people to Gears of War understand what we are about and why we do what we do. We are also promoting content related to how long it takes to get good at Gears of War. Which is a popular article we wrote a little earlier in the year. This article helps people understand what its like to be a Gears of War player and why we play the game and love it so much.

So what do you exactly want from this? Try and keep it short mate, alright?!
We are hoping from this giveaway that we can shine a light on our small but growing community and hopefully get a few more people into Gears of War along the way, if you want to discover Gears of War and its awesome community then please help promote this giveaway.

Get involved in the community and discover some great stuff. If you follow us then you will likely get awesome video content on your twitter of some unbelievable kills and content from the game. You will see jaw dropping moments, and we all know how spectacular the gameplay of Gears of War is, even to the neutral people who may have never even seen it before. Yes even your mum might be impressed with some of your kills you will get in this game.

Fall in love with Gears, join our community and the wider #GearsFam

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I have always enjoyed playing Gears of War online, and enjoy helping others out too. Analysing gameplay and always improving and sharing my experience. We have a useful Gears of War channel on Youtube. A big following on twitter in the Gears community and a friendly team. We are always welcoming new contributors so get in touch @x50_Spence



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