Giveaway Time! Win a GoWPortal T-Shirt!

win a t shirt

About this Competition

To celebrate our latest price drop of our T-Shirts on our store, we are giving away one of these awesome GoWPortal T shirts.

The lucky person to win the T Shirt should see the giveaway widget to the side to see how to enter and gain more entries by following the steps.

Why do I want this T Shirt?

We are a growing community and help support people in the community, helping them grow and also helping new players to the game. Our brand is recognisable across the Gears fanbase, and also recognisable in real life too!

Whilst wearing my own tshirt, i have been stopped by a random person in the street in London who recognised the brand and said “dude gowportal is awesome, i love you guys” I couldnt actually believe a random stranger had recognised it in the street. We have also seen these T Shirts worn by our staff at recent competitive events, such as Gfinity and Pax East

Help raise awareness of what we do.

  • Every month we do a community montage for the Gears of War community, to help raise awareness about our community and celebrate what we love.
  • We help new players establish themselves in the game and help them on the road to becoming a good player. As we all know, its a long road.
  • We help grow new teams, new YouTube startups, raising awareness of other projects in the community. See our twitter feed here


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I have always enjoyed playing Gears of War online, and enjoy helping others out too. Analysing gameplay and always improving and sharing my experience. We have a useful Gears of War channel on Youtube. A big following on twitter in the Gears community and a friendly team. We are always welcoming new contributors so get in touch @x50_Spence


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