Every Map for Gears of War Ultimate Edition

gnasher only map Boxes
Boxes, the Gnasher only map?

Here is a list of all the maps that will be used for Gears of War Ultimate Edition, (the Full Game) which is the first and original Gears of War with all of the original DLC maps combined into one edition and made for Xbox One with improved gameplay and features.
Hence the name “Gears of War Ultimate Edition”! (It includes a lot of maps!)

  1. War Machine
  2. Mausoleum
  3. Escalation
  4. Clock Tower
  5. Fuel Depot
  6. Rooftops
  7. Canals
  8. Gridlock
  9. Mansion
  10. Tyro Station
  11. Old Bones
  12. Raven Down
  13. Garden
  14. Subway
  15. Bullet Marsh
  16. Process
  17. Courtyard
  18. Sanctuary
  19. Gold Rush

These are 19 maps that were playable in Gears of War 1 after all the DLC packs
These maps are basically the referred to maps from the page found on the official website, which states “19 maps”

Bonus Map..
This is interesting as it shows a New map, which we feel is going to be a mini map dedicated for a single game mode.
The map is simply called “Boxes” and im sure more information will be revealed for this probable Gnasher only map aimed at taking Gnasher fights into a dedicated zone.

gnasher only map Boxes
Boxes, the Gnasher only map?
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