What you Cant Hear is Killing you

turtle beach headset

Currently on the Gears of War Ultimate Edition Beta, the characters sounds, which previously have played a massive part in Gears of War games are not very audible by other players.

This means that we are having to rely very heavily on our eyes to see people, and we are not able to hear people coming behind us, or people who are charging up the torque bow, or even someone on a massive weaponry such as the Troika.

The sound has always been very sensitive to players on Gears of War, and it has been a bit underwhelming how the sound seems to not travel very far across the map.

We tried a little experiment with it, and in doing so we found that the sound could not be heard very loud at all using turtle beaches from a distance of 25 metres or so. So thats within decent lancer range, at this rangeĀ it should be very audible.

Its almost as if someone has soundproofed every single level!

Saying all this, it does appear as though the rest of the game is being met with a lot of positivity. The kinds of issues people are having is more of an adjustment to the game than problems with how the game functions.

Features such as the “Active Down” where someone can down you with the sniper rifle with one body shot. This makes it extremely important to keep control of the sniper rifle in the match, and protect the person in charge of the weapon.

Similary, the bleed out function and whether players should bleed out or self revive is another highly debated issue, but its a choice rather than something actually mechanically wrong with the game.

Like every Gears of War game, everyone does mention the Gnasher and how it needs tweaking. Although personally i believe it shouldn’t change, i cant help but feel sometimes I cant hit anything with the weapon, then 5 minutes later I’m hitting everything.

I cant put my finger on why, whether its a concentration thing or what, but im a bit confused as to how to kill consistantly kill someone from up close, as i am occasionally “missing” someone, somehow from point blank range? Weird

It will be interesting to see what changesĀ are made during and after the BETA come release of Gears of War Ultimate Edition. I for one prey that the sound issue is dealt with during the BETA!

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