Mars Weapon Skin

Gears of War Mars Weapon Skin Unlock able

This Weapon Skin is only unlock able if you played the Gears of War Beta on the first or second day.

This weapon skin is somewhat rare as the Beta hit many people by suprise, and there were some trouble with obtaining a code (hence the extension of one day to the weapon being available)

The surprise announcement at e3 also meant that people did not have an Xbox One in order to play the Beta, so it is likely that those who held back buying an Xbox One would have missed out on this Mars weapon skin along with some of the others that closely followed on the next few days.

Details about the Mars Weapon Skin:

mars weapon skin


How to unlock: Unlocked in the Beta for playing on Day 1. No other known methods for unlocking this skin are known.

Unlock for Beta Day 1

mars weapon skin
It also appeared as the Unlock for Beta day 2 along with the Camo weapon skin. This was because of problems with users unable to play the beta right away.

camo and mars