Grease Gun Weapon Skin

Grease Gun Weapon Skin for Gears of War Ultimate Edition

Unlocking the Grease Gun weapon skin is only possible if you played day 6 of the Gears of War Ultimate Edition beta.

The Grease Gun Weapon skin is a rare skin because it is only possible to obtain on one day of the Beta of Gears of War Ultimate Edition. In order to unlock it you would have participated in the Beta on this day.

It is unlikely that you will come across the skin very often in game, as there are so many skins and this skin in particular is quite difficult to obtain.

This skin is similar to the Sun Weapon Skin, but a more brighter yellow colour.
It is a popular weapon skin, however the problem with it is that it gives away your position a little bit more to those short range distances, and enemies can easily catch your bright yellow in their eyesight.

grease gun weapon skin