Gold guns now available! Or should they be called something else?

gears ultimate edition gold weapon skin

Good news! The Gold skins are now available for Gears if you managed to play the game during the launch week! This means that the Gold guns are actually not all that rare at all! A weapon skin from the Beta such as the Racer skin, or the Mars skin for example is actually more rare than the Gold guns because the beta variations only appeared for one day each, vs the Gold guns which appeared for over a week!

So it may be exciting to have some Gold weapon skins in your closet, but how rare they are is not as exciting as it once was in Gears of War 2, and 3. They were a weapon that was simply not easily obtained at all and you really had to work for it!

Related to the Gold guns is that people have commented that the Gold guns dont actually look gold at all!
You be the judge, see screenshot below.

Apparently there is no notification that you have unlocked it, rather you have to cycle through your weapon skins to find it.

It does seem a little “not very gold” to me, the other weapons are much more shiny and Gold like than the Gold weapon skins!
Hope fully this is something that will get fixed in due course.


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