Unlockable Characters List for Gears of War Ultimate Edition

benjamin carmine

This post is a simple list of level progression characters that are unlock-able in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

For a more comprehensive look at the unlock able characters in Gears of War Ultimate Edition see this page here…

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  • Level 5: Samantha Byrne
  • Level 7: Kantus
  • Level 10: Chairman Prescott
  • Level 12: Miner
  • Level 15: Dizzy Wallin
  • Level 17: Beast Rider
  • Level 20: Clayton Carmine
  • Level 23: Spotter
  • Level 25: Jace Stratton
  • Level 27: Flame Grenadier
  • Level 30: Commando Dom
  • Level 35: Savage Grenadier
  • Level 40: Golden gear
  • Level 45: Hunter Elite
  • Level 50: Mechanic Baird
  • Level 55: Dizzy Wallin Farmer
  • Level 60: Benjamin Carmine


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