Torque Bow Headshots – Will The Coalition Listen to Player Demands?

torque bow headshots

An interesting post that appeared on The Coalition forums about the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition about Headshots coming back to the game.

The post started on the 18th of June, only a day or so into the Beta. The posts popularity suggests that people are really wanting to see the Torque bow headshots come back to the game

The post itself is a simple request to bring the Torque Bow Headshot back

Please add torque bow head shots into the GoW1 remake. Yes GoW1 did originally not have them, but it also did not have TDM, Spotting, dedicated servers, etc. It will only make the game more fun/interesting. It was obvious y’all made the regret of not having Torque Bow head shots in GoW1 that y’all made them available in GoW2.

Please do not make this mistake, as it also hurts us montagers who like to go for clips in this game and will add more variety and a challenge to look forward with getting head shots with Torque Bow. There is literally NO REASON that they should not be in the game. I REALLY, REALLY HOPE y’all would consider this!

The replies are completely in agreement. People saying things such as

Absolutely, it’s a no-brainer in my opinion. If it’s possible to add in, it’s a fantastic addition.

And even though it wasnt in Gears of War 1, players believe it should be brought back

I agree it should be in the full game even though it wasn’t in the original.

So with this almost completely “no brainer” to bring back into the game, it will be interesting to see when the game comes out whether this will be a feature of the Torque bow that is brought back in.


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