GOW:UE Price Announcement and Possible Delta Edition of GOW:UE coming soon


With the recently announced news that The Coalition will be releasing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on August 25th 2015 for XBox One and in the Holiday season 2015 for Windows 10 PC, there is a fair amount of speculation as to prices and places you can get it from.

Rod Fergusson Tweeted it would be $39.99 (USD) and would include access to the Gears 4 beta.

Money Money Money…

Unfortunately, in this modern day of video gaming prices never seem to translate well into other currencies around the world. Originally my thoughts were that here in the UK it’d be priced at around £40 or €40. Which is fine if you are game sharing digitally, but it always feels a little unfair when the same disc costs around £25 Stateside.

Since the announcement, preorder pages have started raising their heads around the web. Here is a list of the most common places to preorder along with prices.

I know I personally feel a little hard done by when viewing UK vs US prices, but however it is priced, as a huge fan of the franchise, i’d be happy to buy it at UK prices.

Now having said I would buy it, where would I buy it from and why? When GoW3/GOW:J came out, there were all manner of incentives available for purchasing from certain retailers. Mechanic Baird, Commando Dom, Savage Kantus, Savage Grenadier, Alex Brand, Young Dom, Young Marcus and Anya Stroud’s were scattered throughout the market place. I would look for the best prices along with my preferred content. I am a sucker for a classy lady so if there were ever an Anya in her formal COG dressage, i’d buy it instantly.

Delta Edition??
So far there isn’t any real news, but there is a hint of a Civilian Anya & Lambent weapon skin bonus in what may be a “Delta Squad” Edition.

I guess we’re all ‘stranded’ now…

Having looked into the image where it is originally hosted, its coding refers to it as DeltaBonusContent_Anyaskin. The all important underscore in the file name leads me to believe there could potentially be more skins available.

Possible Delta Edition

How do you feel about more exclusive skins? Maybe we are soon to hear about a “Delta Squad” Edition of GOW:UE

I for one can’t wait for more news!


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