No more Wallbounce abuse in Gears of War UE


Its with some great relief for some of us that Wallbouncing is not nearly as effective as some could manage in Gears of War 3.

No long will we be just a spectator to someone appearing in 10 places at once to take us down as we casually encounter an enemy.

wallbouncing in gears Ue
“Pro Wallbouncers” are dissapointed by the sticky walls of Gears UE

Some people are extremely upset about the “getting stuck on walls” of Gears Ultimate Edition.
But I feel that its for the best as it requires a focus on being a more strategic player who can out-think the enemy rather than out maneuver the enemy.

Although its not ideal to suddenly be on a wall and having to press B to get off it, (which sometimes results in you being stunned by the enemy if they shoot you at the same time..) it simply means that players will avoid doing it if they dont have to.

More important skills will become:
Overall awareness of the game, such as who has got which weapons, where enemies are located, supporting team mates and their positions.

It becomes a more strategic game and is more inline with its roots, rather than Judgment, which went totally off on a new branch, born from the behavior of the type of player who enjoys fast pace action and relying on reflexes rather than much else.

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