Why you need to purchase the Gears eSports skin now!


With the Gears of War eSports scene finally back on the map, we as the viewers have a responsibility to make sure that it says there. We are all such “die-hard” fans of this amazing series but when it comes to spending US$4.99 on a limited weapon skin and new character, those “die-hard” fans fall back into the wood work.

Why am I saying we should all purchase this bundle? It’s very simple and stated right in the item description. “All proceeds will help support Gears of War eSports prize pools and events.” The Season 2 Finals is coming up, and I know how much we all love logging into Twitch and watching these events. What if they didn’t happen? Could you have prevented it by spending that extra US$4.99?

Prism Skin

Think about this at only US$4.99. If 50{f362ba258205f4e1cb8a532d311be4ed4d125da6c9b83b6ce61dbaa08cf8a25e} of the 29,771 current followers on the Gears of War Twitch page purchased this bundle, it would mean an additional $74,278.64 back into the eSports scene. Take that number into consideration because there’s more. As of March 19th, 2016, Gears UE has sold 2.23 million copies worldwide. If we take even 10{f362ba258205f4e1cb8a532d311be4ed4d125da6c9b83b6ce61dbaa08cf8a25e} of that, it would put US$1,112,770 back into the eSports community for Gears of War.

In summary, next time you think that your US$4.99 isn’t making a difference, think again. You are giving a small token back to the franchise that has been around for near a decade and saying thank you to all of those behind the scenes that make this game possible.

You can view and purchase the Gears eSports Season 2 Prism Bundles below:


Golden Hunter & Prism Weapon Skin | Superstar Cole & Prism Weapon Skin | Prism Weapon Skin


-Cory S.

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