Tyro Station features a massive high speed train that will probably kill you at some point, especially if you like to capture the hill on King of the Hill!

The center of the track holds a Hammer of Dawn and is a great opportunity for you to get hold of a weapon that can overlook many players on a map and take them down like little ants with a magnifiying glass.

However keep in mind that there are 2x torque bows on this map, which means there are going to be a lot of arrows flying around and a lot of opportunity to make a lot of effort to grab the hammer only to be stuck from distance a few moments later.

Downstairs below the track is a linked area with granades the reward for anybody who gets a moment to pick them up. These grenades can be used to great effect in this area, which has lots of cover and places to hide away for a few moments before unleashing some well timed grenades at the enemy.

How you choose to play Tyro station can be somewhat varied, and there is so much going on with the structure of the level, which features a very scary and unforgiving environmental hazard running straight through the middle of it!

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