Subway is separated into an upstairs area and a downstairs area.

The upstairs is where each player will spawn, and you immediately have the option to take the underground subway route if you like. There are a few static train carriages down in the subway, with grenades and a torque bow as a reward to anyone who gets through the first series of battles.

The sniper rifle is located at the top of the map and overlooks the downstairs area. The sniper rifle is a bit of a dead-end and can be protected but with limited cover it only takes a grenade or two to remove a player from this position.

Subway is a relatively wide viewed level, as you can see large sections of the map at any one time, it means that there is plenty of time to react and take down an enemy with the lancer.

Going through the level slowly is important at the top of the level to ensure that you don’t get Lancered down when out of cover.

If you prefer an all out Gnasher battle then try staying downstairs as much as possible, switching sides in respawn game types, and controlling the grenades and torque bow to good effect.

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