Sanctuary is a map that features a large amount of heavy weaponry in a fairly small overall map area.

The map could be described as being separated into 9 squares, with the central square overlooking both the Boomshot and Grenades area, and having the reward of a Torque Bow in the middle

There is good strategy to play this map that is dictated by what the enemies choose to do at the beginning being a big contributor in deciding what you decide to do.

At the beginning it is possible to get an idea of where the enemies are heading, and make a decision based on where they are not going. For example, there may be all the enemies going for Boomshot, which would mean you could take the Torque Bow with no fuss and shoot down towards the Boomshot from the beginning.

The level is quite small, but it is difficult to get from one place to another and only long routes around the map enable you to get to different sections. Controlling these corridors is key to controlling a key area of this map.

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