Rooftops is a unique level, which is somewhat different to every other level in Gears of War

The middle of the map is extremely closed off from the other sections of the map, and in a game of King of the Hill it really is quite easy for a team of 4 to defend a bottleneck position to quickly dominate the level.

At either spawn, there is a unique opportunity for both sets of teams to obtain the hammer of dawn, which if used correctly can result in a lot of kills for a handy player who knows how to utilise the weapon.

The sniper rifle is probably the best opportunity to take down enemies from distance, especially considering it is the perfect counter to that hammer of dawn!

The grenades located on both sides of the map towards the spawn areas offer a great way to quickly dismantle a team that is holding a position down. A good throw of these can be a game changer on this map.

In the middle of the map there is a torque bow, which is heavily overlooked by almost every position, including two small huts located perpendicular to the natural route through the map.

This map can be tricky to tame for even the most experienced teams.


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