The smallest Gears of War map, (with the exception of Boxes).

This map features some really intense battles where there is nothing but Gnashers that end up being used.

The map does feature 2 grenade spawns, which are ideal for breaking up enemies that decide to camp out for long periods of time in respawn game types. The grenades are also very effective on this map purely because of its size. Working around the downed Raven in the middle of the map, you can assess each of the 4 areas to decide which to throw your nades down.

The lancer is also a very effective weapon on this map, battles are often highly intense and high risk for everyone involved, expect for those who are smart enough to use the lancer and pick up a few quick downs and kills from the remnant battles that are going on.

There are the grenade trucks which are an ideal platform to use the Lancer from, the slight height advantage gives you a good eye for seeing what is going on and makes it easier to spot and pick out enemies for your team mates to help assist your lancer.

Overall this map is extremely fun to play, its always good to bash out a few private games with friends on this map to emphasise the fun of Gnasher v Gnasher play.

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